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Bethel Newspaper Index

The Bethel Newsaper Index is a scanned version of a 3 x 5" card index created by James Haskell and available at the Bethel Historical Society's research library. It covers the Bethel News/Oxford County Citizen newspaper from 1895 to 1950. 


How to use this index

The index is divided into five time periods. The subject index cards contain abstracts of articles appearing in the newspaper. The name index lists the names of persons and organizations mentioned in the abstracted articles. The notations on the name index cards refer back to the subject index cards from the same time period. Therefore, to research a name it is necessary to check the name index first, and then the correpsonding subject index.

1895-1908 (Bethel News)

1895-1908 Name Index

1895-1908 Subject Index

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1908-1919 (Oxford County Citizen)

1908-1919 Name Index

1908-1919 Subject Index

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1919-1928 (Oxford County Citizen)

1919-1928 Name Index

1919-1928 Subject Index

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1929-1938 (Oxford County Citizen/Bethel Oxford County Citizen)

1929-1938 Name Index

1929-1938 Subject Index

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1939-1950 (Bethel Oxford County Citizen)

1939-1950 Name Index

1939-1950 Subject Index

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