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Featured articles from The Courier, a publication of the Bethel Historical Society.

Bethel and Its Past

Memories of Broad Street
1796: A Special Year in Bethel's Past
Life on the Home Front: Bethel During the Civil War
Maine Music Festival Note
Bethel Doctors, 1900-1950
Barn Redux: Bethel's Most Modern Barn in 1950
The Bethel Agricultural Fair and Riverside Park
Bethel's Hall House: The "Artistic Bungalow"
Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-discovered
Bethel's Civil War Soldier's Monument Dedicated 100 Years Ago
The Bethel Antiquarian Suppers of the 1850s
Bethel in the War of the Rebellion
The Robertsons of "Robinson Hill"
Dr. John George Gehring and His Bethel Clinic: Pragmatic Therapy and Therapeutic Tourism

Bethel Historical Society History

Society Marks First Decade
Twenty-five Years of the Courier: A Personal Memoir
Eva M. Bean and East Bethel Road

Native Americans

Well-Known Indians of the Bethel Area
Indians of the Androscoggin Valley
The Last of the Pequakets: Mollockett

Western Maine and the White Mountain Region

The Irish Neighborhood
Gilead Memories
Mountain Days
Grafton, Maine: A Historical Sketch
Lost in the Woods of Shadagee
Harriet Beecher Stowe Finds "Intellectual Activity" in Western Maine
Western Maine Saints (Mormons)
The Grange in Maine
Women in the Grange


Bethel's Robert A. Chapman and Frances C. Chapman
Guy Coffin and His Family
Enoch Foster, Jr.: Third Owner of the O'Neil Robinson House
Atherton Bernard Furlong: Artist, Singer, Poet
Lafayette Grover: Would-Be President Maker
General Oliver Otis Howard Speaks at Bethel
William B. Lapham: Local Historian and Genealogist
Lucy Larcom's Bethel
Edward Sylvester Morse: Dr. True's Star Pupil
The Diary of Edgar Harvey Powers
O'Neil Watson Robinson: First Owner of the Robinson House
Ernest M. Skinner
Dr. Nathaniel T. True
In His Home: Memories of Dr. N. T. True
Dr. True as Historian
Addison Emery Verrill: Eminent Zoologist
Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Hannibal Hamlin’s Birth
John Howell Crosby (1867-1936)
Captain Charles A. J. Farrar: Wilderness Writer and Adventure Provider


Bethel's Elusive Androscoggin Steamboat
Crossing by Ferry on the Androscoggin
The Railroad Comes to Bethel
Bowler versus Chisholm, and the Ill-fated Bethel-Rumford Electric Railway

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The Bethel Antiquarian Suppers of the 1850s

The Bethel Antiquarian Suppers of the 1850s Dr. Nathaniel Tuckerman True (1812-1887) Founder of Maine's first Farmer's Club (1853) at Bethel Originator of the Bethel Antiquarian Suppers (1855-1857) American life in the mid-nineteenth century…

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The Bethel Agricultural Fair and Riverside Park

The Bethel Agricultural Fair and Riverside Park by Yvonne B. Nowlin Grandstand at Riverside Park fairgrounds, ca. 1895 Editor's Note: The following history of the Bethel Agricultural Fair and Riverside Park was originally written as an…

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Western Maine Saints [Part 4]: The York and Carter Families

Western Maine Saints [Part 4]: The York and Carter Families by Carole York Conversion to Mormonism and Western Migration “I first embraced Mormonism in 1834 in the town of Newry, Oxford County, State of Maine. The first elders I ever heard…